Sunday, September 23, 2012

Infestation (Day20)

Now that we are nearly through this 33 Day Purity Camp, you may feel like you're in a rut; for many this last stretch will be harder than it was at the beginning. It’s a good time to take your spiritual pulse and see if you are still working on developing a devotion (or devotions) that will help bring more Graces into your life!  Maybe you've tried really hard to live virtuously for these 20 days but it feels like you have not grown at all. It fact, it has seemed to bring out the worst in you! How can prayer, fasting, study, exercise and alms giving make you worse of a person? It can't and it's not. You have an infestation. A sin infestation. Think about it: in your house you see one or two roaches. Nasty, but no big deal -right? WRONG. So you spray...then ALL HELL breaks loose! Roaches are everywhere! Infestation! Did the bug spray cause the multiplication of critters? No. They were really always there nested deep within. The same applies to your new found bad behavior. Purity Boot Camp didn't cause your vices but exposed them. Don't despair! Satan, the world, and your flesh want you to give up- they will not be exterminated without a fight. It's time to amplify the spiritual pest control: sacraments (especially confession), fasting, Bible study, corporal works of mercy, self mortification, prayer (especially Eucharistic adoration), holy water etc. Just like a good trip to the gym- those things if done right-HURT. Boot Camp, done right -HURTS. Increased fasting and exercise help us to gain more self-discipline. With more self-discipline over our bodies, we can also gain self-discipline to resist sin. If your Boot Camp experience has not exposed a sin infestation- GREAT! But....just to be safe, you might want to get with your bug-man and make sure he's not just spraying sugar-water.

Remember, Christ does all these things through us, but He does ask us to cooperate! So, keep it up guys! Look first to the Lord and then strive to get closer to Him! Being pure IS a daily struggle, but one well worth the effort! Ask God to search you and begin to shine a light on all the dark corners of your heart. Ask Him to use this last part of this Boot Camp to refine you and cleanse you for the battles to come. We can do this! Keep up the good fight! It is time to be roach free!

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