Thursday, November 1, 2012

All Saints are Pure Saints

We, you and I, were created to be saints. It is our destiny. It is the fulfillment of our happiness. It's being the best version of ourselves. It's not about halos and serious stone faces. It's about being real- the realist version of yourself. Being a saint isn't boring, no it's actually the definition of "living life"- a JOY filled life. Saints are people FULL of joy because a saint is simply a friend of God. Meaning they are constantly in God's friendship (in this life and in the next) and would rather die than to hurt and or end their friendship with God (by sinning) . And God being a perfect friend makes them whole (in this life and in the next). Today is All Saint's Day or All Hallows Day and I have to ask myself, "What's hurting my friendship with God?" And then I must act on the answer. Sin hurts our friendships and our true selves. There is only one way to be a failure in this life and that is not to become a saint. Be a saint- what else is there?

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