Monday, October 8, 2012

Thank you.

Well the Boot Camp is over but the war is not. I'm so humbled by the success of what started as a small idea. Originally I came up with this regiment for selfish reasons - to fight my own personal battle with lust but the Lord has used it to help others. With your help, during the boot camp, our blog received over 3000 views. People from all over the world including: Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom have read about the 33 Day Purity Boot Camp. The Boot Camp led to our Twitter followers doubling!

 My prayer is that at least one person had a purity awakening during this campaign. I'm thankful for every comment, prayer, email, share, LIKE, mention, and page-view.

I'll be taking some time off- 33 days of blogging will do that to you. :)

If you're bummed that you missed the Boot Camp and/or Marian Consecration, we will do it again soon.

Keep fighting. I will be reporting soon. Pax

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